1. 1.
    a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
    “in search of romance”
  2. 2.
    a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.
    “the beauty and romance of the night”
  1. 1.
    court; woo.
    “the wealthy estate owner romanced her”
  2. 2.
    another term for romanticize.
    “to a certain degree I am romancing the past”

What is your definition of romance? Could it be time with your partner, with wine, chocolate, dinner, flowers. Maybe with your family, spending time going skating, snowshoeing or something meaningful to you.

If you are running out of time, a few idea’s; put a collage together with you and your loved one, with all the digital pictures and programmes you can get some really nice results. Even if you think you are not the best cook, making an attempt at a home cooked meal can go along way.  Another alternative to take out is Supper Central.

Would you like to create that special moment, or have a few ideas but might find it hard to get the idea off the ground. Why not ask an expert for help from My Little Secret concierge service.

Please remember that a little bit of romance every now and then can go along way.

By |February 9th, 2015|

What are you holiday traditions?

Here we are another year almost over and this is the time that most people think about what has come and gone and what they did or did not do, or what they want for the future. Why is it only at this time of the year that all this has to come up, it is a lot to ponder over in such and short period of time and expect for all of the changes you want to make happen. But it does seem like most of us are wired to do things at the last minute, but then expect immediate results. As you wonder through the world wide web you can probably come up with experts and gurus that will tell you to plan, write it down, or other visual cues, after so many years we all already know the answer to our dilemma, but again we wait until the last minute to do somethings.

So is it your holiday tradition to make such resolutions, or rush to volunteer somewhere to full fill your “good deed” for the year. Again these events don’t save them selfs for a certain time of year, ask any of the organizations that are there to help those that need it.

We are a religiously blended family and with birthday’s at the end of the year, my kids can get most of what they “want” not necessarily what they need. I was proud of my 12 daughter that she said that she did not want her friends to bring her gifts, just hanging out with those she does not always get to visit with was what she wanted most. So over the course of a Sunday she had three friends come over to spend time with her. The kids get one present for there birthday, one for Hanukah, and one for Christmas we do not do stockings. You might think that they are missing out, but keep in mind there are grandma’s that contribute to these events as well. And if you saw there room or the basement there are toys and games that been forgotten.

So keep in mind what your traditions are and why you are doing them, and even when.

Have a healthy year!

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Vacation…….do you need a vacation from your vacation

IMG_0941 IMG_0937It is always exciting to plan a vacation, a break from the daily grind. But why do we always feel stressed just before or after our time of tranquility.  The “to-do” list can be over whelming, is the whole family going or just part, do you have animals and are they coming too, or staying behind and who will look after them. What about work, what is your position there, will it put the process on hold or will they keep things going.

Since starting my business that was one of my questions I asked myself (I don’t have employee’s) should I go and if I go when, since I am the boss and the whole reason for starting my own company is having the flexibly to do just that. I got into this business of helping people with time management and if I don’t recharge myself once in a while what good am I to my clients.

My husband and I have been married for 13 yrs, I have a 19 year old and together we have an 11 yr old and 6 yr old. We have been able to take 4-5 days here and there with the help of our parents. However over the past year I have seen some changes on how we handle situations, what used to not bother us or we have been able to handle with patients and a level head has become more difficult. It was decided that we (no kids) needed to take a vacation. So again, with the help of our parents, we were able to take a two week vacation. Whoo Hoo!!

Now, where were we going to go. We bought a time share about 8years ago and have been to some really nice places, but after weeding through the long list of places we decided to head to Elkhorn Ranch, in Riding Mountain National Park. We stayed in one of the chalet which gave us the flexibility to stay in and cook for ourselves or go out. Just having the option of sleeping in (but for some reason we did not do much of that, the kids have trained us well) taking in the mineral pool, and having lunch in your bathing suite and robe in the spa, looking out at the horses and fields covered in a white blanket is such a great way to spend an afternoon. (we did this a few times!) Took in an afternoon of bike riding, went for walks, the nearby town had a great little restaurant The Foxtail Cafe.

These are moments that you seem to forget to do when the hustle and bustle of the daily life gets in the way. So try to do your best to plan for what you can, but again as I am sure everyone knows, there is only so many hours in a day and it is important that you delegate.

Some pics of our view from the chalet (deer) and on our walk (horses).

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The ups and down of moving

We all like looking at new things, from clothes to seeing at how others view a space. It might be a loft or a older home. But at some point or another we all have to pack our stuff and move, some move a handful of times and others have lost count.

I enjoying seeing a space for the first time and imagining how it will look lived in. I had the privilege to help a client in his move, he moved from a studio apartment to his first house.

We started with a meet a greet at his apartment, to determine time lines of move out and move in and since his items had to be stored for 10 days the best course of action. It was determined that I was going to order packing materials and boxes from Frogbox for a Friday and he and friends and family were going to pack. On the following Wednesday I arrived and waited for the movers from Globe Moving & Storage for them to move the items in to storage for the 10 days, they were kind, courteous and friendly. They explained the process for when things go in and out of storage.

10 days later I arrived at the new house, gave it a once over and reported any things that I felt were not in the best interest of my client. Once again Globe Moving & Storage was great I explained that the Frogboxes need to be placed on rubber mats I provided and they put the bed and desk together because it was broken down from the first location.

Once they left I went to work on unpacking, he is a busy single gentlemen and to come home to a large portion of your items put away is a nice feeling. During that time I had a chance to meet his parents who helped a lot as well. This allowed them to have a more productive visit over the weekend then trying to find everything.

Moving involves a lot of people and co-ordination, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Vacation: where is your favourite family spot?

As a family we take some mini vacations, which usually mean pack up the car and head out camping. On average we take a destination family vacation every three years, the last one was to Walt Disney World. It just so happened that my husband and I took our honeymoon there 13yrs ago,  and decided that it was time to take the kids….and the grandmas. My biggest stipulation when heading to a destination vacation is that the room only has a coffee maker, because if it has more then I will be drawn to do more. It is my vacation too.


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