Self Promotion

Self promotion is the hardest thing, for me anyway. I was doing a promotional video and photo shoot to ….what else…promote myself. I was prepared (so I though), I had thought about my services, some examples, and my market. But when you have someone else asking you questions, and three camera’s in your living room, that makes you think. You know what you do and how you can help, but your clients are not mind readers, they need to know how you can solve there current dilemma. Having someone outside of your industry is a great way to find different way to explain your industry. I was also asked the following question “what sets me apart from my competition?”……………..(that was me thinking)…………..This was really hard to articulate. I love what I do and have enjoyed helping everyone along the way to find a solution to there current situation. Can it really be that simple to tell people that, after a few takes, it really was.

Part of the client/business relationship is communication and there has to be some sort of chemistry, I believe that I picked the right person for my promotional video/photos.

Check out Behind the photoshoot

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Creating a personalized gift

It can be one of the hardest things to put together, what do I get him/her. Maybe you have only been dating a short time or it has been years. You have an idea of what they like and what they don’t (so you think), you remember what you got them last year (so you think), you can just run out and get there favourite cologne/perfume (so you think). Why not ask an expert for some new idea’s they are out and about all the time and see some of the newest trends.

Pampering basket image

Keep up the good work

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Garden Party

Why not?

Why not have a garden party in the middle of winter. So many people don’t get a chance to get away during the winter and usually curl up on the couch and say “I will wait until the weather gets better to go out” you like it to be “fair weather” before you even consider going out. Which is ok, but for others we like to be surrounded by friends and food.

So why wait to have the BBQ party, just think you are not swatting away flies or mosquito’s the snow makes a great place to keep you drinks cold and if you need a place to step out of the elements just put chairs in your garage.

You can even go further and rent a soft sided hot tub, put that in your garage with some white lights, get some rubber mats a place to hang your towels/house coats and hang out with some friends.

But for those of you who need something to get you through the last bit of winter have a look at this Garden Party.

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What to do in Winnipeg?

You look around your house and realize that everyone is doing there own thing, in different rooms of the house. How do you get everyone doing things together? Start with Think about becoming a tourist in your own city. What is the first thing you do when you want to visit another city, you try to find out what is going on.

On the first Wednesday of the month you can visit the Human Rights Museum for free, go ice skating at the forks, (they have rentals available), tobogganing at Assiniboine Park, are just a few things that will not cost a lot.

The Park Theatre is such a great place to enjoy a vast array of entertainment! Or take a walk down your street and see what new coffee shop or restaurant opened up.



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