What does summer mean to you?

So what does summer mean to you? Does it mean finally holidays from the daily grind? Does it mean, what do to with the kids? Does it mean a better commute to work, lighter traffic? Does it mean, enjoying the sun for while before it starts to cool off?

Whatever it means to you hopefully it brings a burst of energy. It does not matter how long winter is or if you work in a place with no windows or don’t get out much during day, there is a time of year that gives you a burst of energy.

I happen to really enjoy summer, and camping.  I always seem to go camping while I am pregnant, or after a major event. Which makes it fun for those around me since I am limited to what I can help with. 🙂 You create a small community, you share what you have (because someone always forgets something) and there is no rushing.


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The advantages of having someone check on your home

Here is a story of a prime example that if left alone could have gone bad.

Friends of mine where going away for 3 weeks, and had asked us to check on there place. So off we go the next day after they leave to check, and sure enough the stove starts making a funny sound and we go check it out and turn a nob and “poof” sparks and things start breaking. First thing first was to unplug it, then let them know what happened. This was a major fire hazard.

It was decided that a new stove and dishwasher was needed (the dishwasher was an add on), after some choices were made and a budget was set, a week later new appliances were installed. During that time the kitchen was cleaned up, fresh groceries was purchased and general tidiness happened, it is so refreshing to come home to a clean house and stocked fridge.

If you don’t have friends or neighbours that can help you out think about hiring a company to check on your place.

Your Neighbour,


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Essential List for the new parent!

Even if you are a seasoned parent we all know that the excitement of a new arrival can turn your memory in to mush! Or as in my case a lot of time passed between everyone. So here is a small list that might help you or give those idea’s on what you might need.

  1. Diapers – it is always a good idea to have some disposables on hand even if you are going cloth, for either of those late night or baby sitters.
  2. Onesies – easy to change and if the weather is warm just great to hang out in
  3. Wipes – have some disposable on hand, you may want to use cloth wipes or make your own these again are great at the last minute and you can take your make-up off too!
  4. Portable Changing pad – you never know where you will have to change your little one
  5. A really good diaper bag – this holds your essentials for three years
  6. Carrier – if you have never used one, find a mom’s group, you may find one that has a library to try before you buy
  7. Stoller – There are new ones out there that can be operated with one hand
  8. Nipple Cream – This is for the ladies only!
  9. Nursing pads – for any leakage
  10. Nursing bras – have at least two
  11. Playpen – for those over night stays or long visits
  12. Swing – most babies love movement
  13. Bouncy set – same as above
  14. Gift Card – These are great to have on hand to run through your favourite coffee place
  15. Baby friendly detergent – to wash all those new clothes
  16. Burp clothes – you never know
  17. Laptop/ iPad – for those late night feeds and to keep in touch with the outside world.

If you have any other essentials to add let me know…….

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Happy Mother’s Day

I hope everyone has a great day!

It is great to have a special day, but remember that it is great to do something special for anyone at anytime during the year!


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