Every year my husband and I try our hand at planting a garden, good thing we don’t rely on this for any real sustainment. 🙂 This year we experimented with the “upside down” garden we have tomatoes and peppers. For the most part things moved along quite well, he was out every morning watering (plus he wanted to play with out new rain barrel), but at some point both the tomatoes that were upside down and in the garden decided to stop growing. We had so much rain this year, and hail at some point a couple of times, this might have been part of the problem. Our beans came in nicely along with some lettuce, I always plant to many radishes and they get over crowded , but got a few out to enjoy. Have a look at our pepper plant we lost one, but they are coming in nicely.

I leave the gardening to the experts and sign up for Community Shared Agriculture, there are a number of different local people to use but I use The Landless Farmer  it is such a great way to get local, organic vegetables. I sometimes order more during the season and do some canning.

What are some of your favourite recipes that you make during the summer? Is it salsa, sauces, zucchini cake/muffins, kale chips (this was not my families favourite). Be creative!

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