I needed a specific pair of boots from Cabela’s, they were sold out online and there was only one pair in my size left in Canada or the US which happened to be in their Winnipeg store. 

Problem#1, is that Cabela’s stores will not take payment over the phone or ship items so I was out of luck.

I emailed Sheila Friday evening at My Little Secret as a last resort to see if she could help me out.

She responded right away and told me that she could pick the up on Monday.

Problem #2 is that Cabelas will only hold an item for 24hrs, contacted Sheila again and no problem she would pick them up on Saturday if I called and asked Cabela’s to hold the boots.

Problem #3, when I called Friday night Cabela’s could not locate the boots in store. I let Sheila know and said I would try again in the morning.

Called Cabela’s again in the am and asked if they found the boots, they showed in stock on the store website, customer service said”no they must have been sold”

Emailed Sheila and said thank you very much for the help but Cabela’s no longer had the boots.

This is were she really showed that she is here to help if everything she had done already didn’t show it.

She offered to go to the store and see what she could do to locate the boots. After speaking to a few people in store she actually found the pair of boots!!!

She pack them up and ship them by  Purlator the next day.

I have had some great service from people but what Sheila did way go way above and beyond for someone she never met who contacted her by email as a last resort.

Sheila is a great person who is ready,willing and able to help. Not many people these days provide this level of service.

Thanks again,

R. Fenton

Lively, ON

August 2019

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