I’m completely happy with the service I received from My Little Secret in Winnipeg. I would recommend this service to friends and family, and I would definitely use the service again when the need arises.

(Since this is an owner-operated business, I will use the owner’s name — Sheila Farago— in the remainder of this testimonial, since this is the person I dealt with directly. And to clarify: I am in no way connected to Sheila Farago or My Little Secrets and had never heard of either until recently, as described below.)

Some background: I wanted to buy a particular chair from Ikea. Since there is no Ikea store in my province, I tried to buy it from Ikea online, but was told there was no delivery option to my location. I then confirmed that most Ikea stores in Canada were out-of-stock for this particular chair, but the store in Winnipeg did have it. I then searched online for “personal shopper Winnipeg” and found Sheila’s website.

I sent Sheila an email asking if she could help with my situation. She responded promptly to say that she could. We then made arrangements for her to pick up the chair on my behalf using a curbside-type service from the Winnipeg Ikea. On my behalf, Sheila then carefully and securely re-packed the Ikea packages (which were not suitable for shipping cross-country), brought them to Canada Post, and shipped them to me. They arrived faster than I was expecting, in perfect condition.

In particular, I would say the following about these aspects of Sheila’s service:

Response Time — Excellent. Sheila responded on the same afternoon that I first emailed her, and then continued to respond promptly throughout the time I dealt with her.

Communication — Very easy to communicate with. Sheila was friendly, informative, and concise. And she often initiated contact; I didn’t need to chase her for information.

Flexibility — I was working within a particular time constraint. And though I suspect that Sheila had to rearrange her schedule to accommodate my request, she ‘made it work’ without complaint.

Service Quality — I was pleasantly surprised at the way in which Sheila had packaged up the Ikea items for shipping, and it was obvious that she took a lot of care in doing so.

Value — Sheila charges a reasonable and fair hourly rate, and to me, her (very useful) service is excellent value.

Robert Manuel
Mount Pearl, NL
November, 2021

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