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I would like to say a big thank you to Sheila Farago from “My Little Secret” On Fathers Day this year she was an invaluable help to me and my family. Secretively my Sisters and myself decided to Purchase a memorial bench at Glenlawn Memorial gardens for my Uncle (My father’s closest brother) who was killed in action In 1943 in France during WW2. We wanted to surprise my Mom and Dad with the unveiling of the bench and a dedication memorial service onsite. Putting this altogether was indeed a challenge, compiling information, getting original photos from my parents without raising suspicion and making sure everything would fall into place for Fathers day. Everything was lining up perfectly, Bench was engraved, delivered, installed, Scheduled time was reserved, Veteran color guard was in attendance to lead us in and out.

Then the other shoe fell, my sister in Alberta decided it would be a nice idea for a keepsake to have someone video tape the dedication for my parents. With 2 weeks to go where do I find someone to do this on a Sunday and fathers day? After a few phone calls and no luck and I was starting to get frustrated, I was turned on to “My Little Secret”.

After talking with Sheila and explaining my plans and situation she agreed to meet with me and go over in detail what I needed. When we sat down and I went over all the plans I had made, she made some wonderful suggestions for flowers and vases for the dedication table, she agreed to look over my speech and made corrections to it, we visited the site of the dedication and she led the way of how the day would unfold, where to video tape from ect, my level of stress was diminished drastically. As the day grew closer her duty’s expanded, we decided to have everyone over after the dedication to celebrate the day and celebrate my fathers 89th Birthday. I called her to see if she could get me a birthday cake, a platter of fruit, cold cuts, veggies and deliver them to the house after the dedication was finished, she said” not a problem”.

The day came, about 60 relatives and family attended, the color guard led us in, the dedication ceremony was a hit, the videotaping was flawless, our platters and cakes arrived on time, it was the most perfect day for our family. It was entirely without a hiccup except for one thing,  it was pouring buckets and it didn’t let up all day, the ceremony was for 12:30 and out we went umbrellas in hand. Sheila had everything set up ready as she said she would, unfortunately for her, by the time it was all over she was soaked to the bone and not one complaint said about it.

I am no stranger to organizing events such as this, getting the nuts and bolts together, but Sheila has a knack of putting the finishing touches on everything, things I would have forgot about, or even worse thought of after the fact.

I have to thank Sheila and “My Little Secret” for taking her time on a Sunday and away from her family on Father’s Day, to make our day perfect.  She made me look good with all her efforts behind the scene, I will not hesitate to call her again when I am in need. If you need to get things done, she’s your go to gal.


Daryl Schroeder, Family Services Director

Family Bench

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